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Other services

JMP has been on the Finnish music scene for over three decades now, providing professional music and management services, organising concerts and events, acting as an agent for performing artists, and all that these involve. As a result, we have built up experience such as cannot be acquired in any other way. The following are a few of the services this capital equips us to provide.

Tax planning for performing artists

We do tax planning, allowing for all the special aspects of the musician’s or performer’s profession so that the outcome can be predicted with sufficient accuracy.

Tax returns

We have long experience, stretching back nearly two decades, of handling performing artists’ tax returns.

Correction claims and tax appeals

We can check earlier tax decisions and if necessary submit correction claims and tax appeals.

International tax matters

We can handle international tax matters. To give an example: it often pays the Finnish musician gigging in the USA or Australia to submit a tax return in those countries, too. We can advise on this and many other international matters, and if necessary submit tax returns in other countries.

Setting up a company

We can advise and help artists wishing to set up a company.

Contract law

We can help artists make performing agreements and assess their appropriateness to the situation in question.

Invoicing service

We are happy to handle the invoicing for your performances, including paying the fees and depositing the statutory employer contributions.

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