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Professional music services

You can’t order fine weather – BUT YOU CAN ORDER A FINE ATMOSPHERE!

Organising an event? You can’t just conjure up the right atmosphere, or wave your magic wand and let the genie out of the bottle. You have to create your atmosphere, by choosing music suitable for the occasion: dusky jazz, inspirational art, an international show, a laid-back sing-along, snappy dance music, entertaining ballads, rousing brass music…

JMP is the EASY way to book music:

  1. You call or email us and tell us what you want.
  2. We email you a proposal, usually with several options.
  3. You choose whichever option best suits your event.
  4. We send you a single bill that covers everything – payment of the artists’ fees, the statutory employer contributions and insurance, and the scheduling, travel and hotel arrangements.

JMP is the RELIABLE way to book music:

  1. Our performers are all professional musicians.
  2. We always make a written agreement with you.
  3. In the event of illness, we supply an alternative artist.

JMP can provide suitable music for any occasion!

We have a wide selection of front-line Finnish artists and ensembles, and experience of the business gained over more than thirty years.

Background music to create a suitable atmosphere

A pianist – always a good choice

Jazz, evergreens, light classical – piano music never fails. We have both students and top professionals on our books. And if necessary, we’ll bring along the piano.

Heidi Suonio, piano

Heidi Suonio is a leading name among young-generation light-music pianists. A former student of the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory, she nowadays teaches there and at the Sibelius Academy.

In addition to solo work she plays in many line-ups, both her own and others’, and can provide all kinds of background keyboard music: traditional jazz and swing, light, evergreens, film music and popular hits.

Guitar music

Pentti Hildén, guitar, lute and voice

Classical guitar music, evergreens, Spanish rhythms, folk songs and nostalgic ballads.


A versatile, extremely-professional line-up capable of providing music throughout your event, from start to finish, both formal solo numbers and stylish background or dance music. The musicians are Satu Eeronen (vocals), Annika Gummerus (flute, vocals, keyboards), Yrjö Putkinen (guitar), Iiro Kautto (bass), Tomi Tuomi (drums) and Rob Dominis (piano, keyboards).

The Paperikuu dance repertoire covers just about everything, from swing, foxtrot, old rock, fifties, Latino, bossa nova and pop to Finnish rock (e.g., J. Karjalainen), more modern American rock and old-time dance music.

The background music is mainly light jazz, swing, bossa nova and chic light repertoire, but it can also be weighted towards, say, Latino, rock or pop. Classy background music can also be provided by the Paperikuu Trio: Annika Gummerus (flute), Ykä Putkinen (guitar) and Iiro Kautto (bass). Flute–guitar and guitar–bass duos are also available to order.

All the Paperikuu players are graduates of the Sibelius Academy and the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory, and most of them nowadays teach at the latter. Experienced and very willing artists, they are masters at adapting to whatever your event requires.


There is nothing in classical music we don’t know about! Be it a single solo number or a whole gala concert, we have experience of countless occasions. We know just about every genre of classical music – from Gregorian chant to the most recent contemporary premieres – like the back of our hands. We are also in contact with the leading names in Finnish classical music and numerous top international artists. Over the years we have collaborated with such illustrious musicians as John Storgårds, Marko Ylönen, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Karita Mattila, Soile Isokoski, Jaakko Ryhänen, Olli Mustonen, Pekka Kuusisto and Sakari Oramo, to mention just a few.

If what you want for your event is classical music, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Traditional ragtime, swing or bossa nova; suave, laid-back cocktail piano; rousing brass music; heated improvisation; crossover experiments…

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